Sharp Brain Consulting

Does your organization work with young people? If so, SBC is here to improve your outcomes.

The YMCA of Greenville, Communities in Schools, Poe Mill Achievement Center and Greenville County Schools are among the organizations who have hired Jessica to educate their staff and students.


expand the leadership potential of your staff

Working in a youth-serving organization is rewarding but also has its challenges. Jessica can work with your staff to decrease burnout, increase leadership capacity, and improve organizational outcomes. This work can be done in a one-on-one setting or in a group setting.

expand your knowledge about young people

Young people are complex and there is always more to learn about them and how to best serve them. Jessica’s unique mix of knowledge and experience makes her an expert on the brain of youth.

Jessica is available for presentations and speaking engagements about the teen brain, the teen brain on poverty, how to beat compassion fatigue, and unconscious bias.

expand your youth’s KNOWLEDGE

Jessica has worked with young people her entire career, and she can work with your youth too. She can teach them about their brains, why mindfulness matters, anger management, and how to manage their emotions.