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Working to improve public service agencies


We work with leadership of public service agencies to craft workshops and seminars to help improve their internal and external relationships, improve communication outcomes. 


We work with women who are interested in personal development by teaching women about their brains how to improve their personal lives and relationships.

Consulting with Public Service Agencies


Leadership Development

We work with managers and leaders of public service organizations to teach them how to lead staff with the brain in mind. While we teach a variety of concepts, these training sessions will help improve leader and staff relationships and improve internal communication. We also work to teach leaders how to effectively manage teams of diverse staff. 

Our signature topics include team management, diversity and inclusion, and vulnerability as a leadership trait. 

Staff Development

We work with staff of public service agencies to teach them about program development and about the communities in which they work. We know that understanding communities will allow staff to improve their outcomes with these communities.  

Our signature topics include program creation, burnout and compassion fatigue and chronic stress management. 

Facilitation Work

Facilitation work with Women 

We work with women who are interested in personal development. This work is primarily done in group settings, but can also be done in one-on-one settings. We host sessions to teach women about their brains and how to change their brains to improve their lives. 

Save the dates for our summer series, Introduction to Personal Development, in July in Greenville, South Carolina: July 2nd, 11th and 19th.  

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Why work with us?


Our Chief Educator combines experience and passion to help improve public service organizations. Our workshop experiences will take your managers to the next level and equip them to lead their teams. Our seminars will empower your front line staff to provide unique programming for your participants and clients. Our work will not only improve the culture at your organization, but will also positively impact your bottom line. 

  • Who do we work with? Non-profits, government entities, and women who are interested in professional development. 
  • Why do we focus on public service agencies? Our chief educator is passionate about helping others and knows that educating staff that work with the community will improve outcomes. 

  • Why the brain? The brain is an incredibly powerful organ that affects everything we do, but many of us don't know enough about the brain to change it and our outcomes.