The birth of Sharp Brain Consulting

In mid-2017, I came to the realization that consulting is the next step in my life. 

In my first two jobs after college, I worked with teenagers. If you have been around a teenager anytime recently, you know they can often be difficult to work with. I wanted so badly to know why teens behave in the way that they do- this began my journey into learning about the brain. I read the book Teaching with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen, which I am pretty sure changed my life. It taught me about the brain and teens. From there, I was hooked on the brain. My research expanded to subjects like anxiety and the brain, autism and the brain, and poverty and the brain. 

In my last job, I did a good bit of internal consulting. I found myself wondering what the outcomes would be like in these situations if there was better training, education and team development long before I was called in. I remember sitting in my office one day and had an epiphany- I want to do consulting. For me, this was a new thought as I never thought I would be an entrepreneur and was honestly a bit averse to the idea. Once I made the decision, I began to decide what consulting would look like. 

Fast forward to now, nine months later. Sharp Brain Consulting will work with public service agencies and women. I am passionate about helping the community, am finishing up a Masters in Public Affairs, and believe the people helped by nonprofits deserve the best staff people available (which requires training and education). I am passionate about women, and know the power of personal development through my own experience with an incredibly impactful life coach (Andrea Owen).

I have done things I love and been a part of exciting organizations and movements, but I have never been this passionate about anything or felt more uniquely qualified for something. Thank you for joining me on this journey! While you're here, check out the rest of my website to learn what I will be doing!     


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